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Hi! Im Eanan Chavez. Im a Gamer Since 2007. General Knowledge on Strategic and Leadership Gaming is my profession. Now, Im 3yrs Playing Mobile Legends Playing All Role. I Love to play and also to share what I Learn thru my Experiences. Book a Schedule and I Will Try My Best To Guide and Help You Achieved Your Gaming Goals. PM me on my messenger @Eanan Chavez. https:// [xxxxxxx] /EaNaN08/ https:// [xxxxxxx] /channel/UCoPJCQdSnDDbBEZd3Cd-ZqA

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My Achievements

In Online Gaming i Achieved to be a Respected Guild Leader, Squad Leader, And a Commander in every game with my Friends. I Focused On Tanking and Supporting then Pushing and Destroying Towers in Mobile Legends. For Me the Highest Achievement anyone can achieved is when they see their apprentice become successful achieving their Goals.

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