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About me

Hi there! I'm CJ. I've been on the gaming community for quite sometime now. The first game I played was DOTA 1 and I played DOTA for 3 years and switched to LEAGUE OF LEGENDS and played the game for 4 years until I've reached the GOLD 1 TIER most role I played are ADR/JUNGLER, switching to MOBILE LEGENDS my current rank is MYTHIC 4 and specifically assigned to do ASSASIN ROLES but I am a multirole player too. Give me a tap when you want to become a great player and find that missing piece you looking for.

  • Hours Coached: 1 hours
  • Last Class Given: 1 year ago

My Achievements

•grand finalist in LoL •almost 3 years of playing Mobile Legends •almost 3 years of playing LoL •almost 3 years of playing dota

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