Frequently Ask Questions - Coaches

Here are some tips to increase your chance of success followed by our FAQ


The best way to get your students to learn is not by giving them all the answers, but it’s by guiding them towards finding the answers on their own. Guide them but try not to reveal the solution right away, this is the best way to be sure that in addition of learning from you, they also fully understand.


 Be mindful that your student will go through 3 steps to successful learn new skills. Designing your class with this in mind will give you a higher success rate with your students:

Learn: The Student learns, but does not yet fully understand the applications of the new skill

Understand: The student understand the situation where he can apply the new skill, and the impact it can have on his gameplay. The quality of how the coach teach the skill will affect the speed of the understanding by the student. Make sure you spend time preparing and formulating your class.

Undertaking: The student succeeds in applying the new skill in the right situation. It becomes an automatism, and it is (almost) the end of the learning process. Reinforcement by practicing is key at this stage to ensure the automatism is set on the long term.

The 4th stage could be the mastery. Which happen through the repetition of the third stage at least a thousand times… 


“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar .

Whether it's real goals: 

  • Control the split push on LoL, improve your decals on Counter Strike. 

  • Or simple automatisms: think of warder such bush on LoL, buy more stuff on Counter Strike… 

It is important that you set a clear goal for your class with objectives to reach on the short, medium and long term. 

Once you have your goal in place, you can create the roadmap and milestones needed to reach the goal.


Small advice but not least: When you address several points during your class, make sure to summarize them at the end, similar to what you do during a replay analysis,.


When giving advice to a student, consider explaining to them why they need to apply this change. Understanding is crucial to be able to move to “undertaking” phase. A skill not properly understood will quickly fade and you will end up with unhappy students.


Be mindful of students who already have a lot of playing time, they are a case apart: their progression mechanism is usually blocked by some bad habits and it is very difficult to get out of it. 

You have to make them understand what is blocking their progression and show them their bad habits. Then work with them on changing it to a good habits.



  1. What is EsportMasterClass?

EsportMasterClass provides an online Marketplace for esport student to find a coach to learn specific skill sets. EsportMasterClass connects high rank players and novice players.

  1. Who can take lesson at EsportMasterClass?

Anybody who wants to improve their skills at their favorite games.

  1. What are the requirements to become a coach on EsportMasterClass?

To become a coach you need to have at least one of the recommended rank at one of the game listed on EsportmasterClass. You also need to be able to allocate enough time to teach few days per week (minimum 2days) to teach on EsportMasterClass or else your account may be suspended to give priority to other coaches.

  1. Is there a limited number of coach on EsportMasterClass?

EsportMasterClass only allow a limited number of coaches per game to ensure each coach receive enough demand from students. We want quality over quantity. As the demand increase we will accept more coaches. 

  1. How do I become a coach on EsportMasterClass?

You can become a coach, on EsportMasterClass by clicking the “Become a coach” button on the top of the Home page. Then you need to fill up your MasterClass and calendar before the review of your profile. EsportMasterClass will review profile once a day and if your profile is properly done you may be activated already.

If the number of coaches for the game is already maxed out you will be on a waiting list and we will enable your account as soon as possible

  1. How do I contact EsportMasterClass?

You can contact EsportMasterClass through our About us page.


  1. How to edit my Profile?

You can edit your profile on ‘Edit my profile” section through your Dashboard.

  1. How to edit My profile Picture?

You just need to click on your picture and upload a new one.

  1. What can I do on my profile account?

In your profile account you have access to your main Dashboard where you can see the  Lesson and MasterClass booked by students, you also have a finance Dashboard to manage your funds, you have access to your reviews and to an internal chat/message section to communicate with your students.


  1. Why give lesson or MasterClass?

Give classes to share your passion for esport, your expertise and at the same time to make an income out of it. EsportMasterClass is a way to have constant access to new students, to ensure payment will be properly and timely done, to have advise and guidance to put all chances on your side!

  1. How does EsportMasterClass work for coaches?

EsportMasterClass puts you at your disposal a profile page where you can: promote yourself, set up your class schedule, have access to an automated payment system, see your students rating and discuss with them. To be able to operate, EsportMasterClass collects a 25% transactions fee out of the student payment.

  1. Why EsportmasterClass takes a commission?

75% of the student payment goes to you (less banking fees), the remaining is used to cover for the cost of EsportMasterClass and to enable us to keep on providing you with new services and help you grow your coaching revenue.

Keep in mind that the EsportMasterClass team needs to spend a lot in marketing to popularize the platform and constantly bring new students.

  1. How to apply to become a coach?

In order to apply for a coaching position, go to the Home Page and click on the button “Become a coach”.

  1. Can I be removed from EsportMasterClass?

EsportMasterClass can decide to disable your account if we see that your students’ feedbacks are not good enough. We encourage and support our coaches to improve their services but if after a while the improvement is not significant then the account can be disable.

  1. If my account is disabled what happen to my funds?

Your fund belongs to you, even if your account is disabled you can still access your dashboard and withdraw your funds at any point in time 

  1. How to change my price?

You can change prices anytime. To do this, click on Edit My profiles and then click on “General availability” to change the price per hour of your classes, to change the price of your MasterClass just scroll down until your MasterClass

However, be careful not to change prices too often, your student would get lost ...

  1. How do “Packs All In” work? proposes 3 Level of MasterClass, level 1 to 3

Level 1 is for the novice, Level 2 for intermediary skill, and Level 3 is for advanced lessons. The “Pack All In” regroup all MasterClass of one level. proposes 1 “Pack All In” for each Level. You can choose the discount to apply for each MasterClass Pack All In for each Level. 

  1. How to see my past and future lessons or MasterClass?

You can see your Future and past lessons (max 1 week before) through the Dashboard.

  1. How does "My Schedule" work?

You need to set up your schedule on a day to day basis. Make sure you propose a lot of possible schedule (green in the calendar) to be attractive to students. Try also to open schedule as far in the future as possible.

  1. How does "My finances" work?

You can see your income on a per lesson basis. This is where you can trigger payment for finished classes. If you wish to cash-out some of your funds you do it from “my finance”, you will be able to transfer all or part of your funds to your Paypal account.

A delay of 24h apply to any request for cash-out for security purpose.


  1. How can I talk with my student before the lessons or MasterClass?

You can talk with your student once you registered on the platform and after a student bought a lesson or a MasterClass.

  1. How can I talk to an Admin?

You can send an email through the Contact us page. In case of dispute, if the case is not settled after 2 back and forth with your student, the admin will be the one to take the final decision. The decision of the admin cannot be anymore contested.


  1. How can a student book a class?

A student can book a class directly in your schedule among the availabilities you have set (indicated green in your calendar). Once a student book a schedule the calendar shows it in orange.

  1. How will I know that a course has been booked?

When a course has been booked you will receive an email notification, and it will be indicated also in your Dashboard.

  1. What to do once a class with me has been booked?

First you need to open a discussion with your student through the messaging section in your Account. Introduce yourself, and then confirm the date and hours of the lesson booked to make sure timing is right.

The next step will be to exchange with your student your Skype ID or any other application ID if you wish to use applications like Whatsapp or Viber. 


  1. How am I paid?

Once the lesson or masterclass is done, you need to go to your dashboard and ask your student to release the payment for the class, the student will be notified of your request to release payment and then the money will transferred to your virtual wallet through the platform. You can at anytime convert this to cash by doing a cash-out which will transfer the funds to your personal Paypal account.

  1. How much am I paid?

As coach you will get the amount corresponding to 75% of his posted price (less banking fees). 

  1. How do I know how much money I earned?

You can see in “My Finance” the different income earned already or pending when the class is not yet finish.


  1. Can I reschedule the class in case of problems?

It’s possible to reschedule a class if you and your student agree. In this case, use the internal message section to agree on a new schedule. No need to change the class in the main calendar. Just ensure that the new schedule is closed in your calendar to avoid a double booking with another student

  1. Can I cancel a course I do not want to give?

You cannot cancel a class that a student has booked with you. The availability you put in your schedule is a commitment on your part to attend at the time of the lesson or MasterClass.

  1. What if I miss the class because of an impediment?

Contact the student as soon as possible at least 24h before the lesson, to explain and reschedule the class. 

  1. What to do if the student is not present at the class?

If the student does not attend the lesson or masterclass without notifying you at least 24 hours before the lesson, the student won’t be refunded, and the money will be released to your account after verification on our part. In this situation you need to send us a message through “Contact us” page to inform us of the situation then the admin will take proper action.

if the student has sent you a message 24 hours before the lesson, you should propose a reschedule of the lesson.